Pep Talks

They always work; except …

I suspect more people than are willing to admit, are not so into giving pep talks. Sometimes, it’s hard to motivate ourselves … let alone another person.

Anybody who’s ever been angry knows, that if there’s one person in the room that gives pep talks, that’s who you want to be angry or sad around.

They’ll always lift you up. That person can see someone who is frozen in their tracks, afraid to make a move in life because they feel like they’ve screwed everything up. Sometimes, things get so bad for people that, they just, don’t want to continue.

Maybe you stay laying in bed for a really long time before getting up to start the day? Either way, some people really need a pep talk. What we don’t see sometimes is how valuable that person is that is willing to give someone a pep talk.

I hope it helps to know that if you want to be a pep talk giver, you just have to be confident and you have to let go of your own ego. The intent is for you to show empathy to another human being. That intent should be good enough.

Yes, you are putting yourself out there a little bit to enter this person’s world and try to comfort them; however, understand, whatever you say, as long as it is positive and uplifting, even if it sounds cliche, it could help this person immensely.

Why wait to have a billion dollars just to start helping people. The best way to help anyone is to care.