A successful devOps practitioner

DevOps integrates developers and operations teams for collaboration around software infrastructure automation, workflow automation, as well as continuous monitoring and tuning of application performance.

A successful devOps practitioner is a , integrating skills from software engineering, network engineering, system administration, site reliability engineering (SRE), database administration (DBA), QA automation, and security engineering.

A successful devOps team is your R&D team and to that end should be the source of continuous education and mentoring for your software development teams. Trust that most of your traditional software engineers do not have the time nor the desire to fit this role, especially as it relates to training and mentoring early career software engineers.

A successful devOps practitioner is a continuous learner as they love the craft of software engineering but also understand the value of the other responsibilities enumerated above.

A successful devOps practitioner does not and can not have all of the answers all of the time, but generally has a good idea where to look or whom to look to in order to point software developers in the right direction.

Not sure why that ORM isn’t returning the results you expect? A successful devOps practitioner has been in this situation enough times to point you toward a solution. Your devOps team member would instruct you to enable query logging in your ORM; then instruct you to execute those queries directly in psql to ensure that the ORM is actually generating and outputting correct SQL code.

Not sure why the AWS CLI (aws elb describe-load-balancers --query) isn’t returning the expected elastic load balancer even though you’ve triple-checked that you’ve given the correct DNSName in the --query. A successful devOps practitioner has been in this situation enough times to point you toward a solution. You need a case-insensitive filter; however, since --query does not support case-insensitive filtering, you’ll have to pipe the JSON output to another command such as jq which does support case-sensitive filtering.

Most importantly, a successful devOps practitioner is mostly calm, cool, composed, and .

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