A Huge portion of Software Engineering is just Web Development

Most of the “Software Engineering” you’ll learn about in, books, podcasts, YouTube videos, Most online courses (i.e. Udemy, etc.), and Software bootcamps revolves around a single niche of software engineering … Web Development.

  • Websites
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • TV Apps
  • Backend Services

What about React?

How to learn all of this?

How to stay focused?

  1. A lot of great tutorials double as stealth advertisements for a product. Nothing wrong with that in practice; however, it can be confusing for learning. To combat this, find a mentor that can help you cut through the noise.
  2. Lots of bad information telling you that you NEED to learn algorithms, functional programming, object oriented programming, a bunch of frameworks, all of JavaScript’s quirks. These things can make you a better software engineer, but only for software engineering sake. It won’t necessarily make you better at building an awesome product ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  3. Lots of really talented software engineers are frankly know-it-all assholes (self-included, and working on it) and they want you to be one too.

NOTE: When I originally wrote this in 2020, #3 was absolutely true. I can safely say now, in 2022, that I no longer take that attitude of know-it-all asshole. I’ve come to realize that there is way too much for any one person to know and we are all constantly in need of learning. I’m much more humble now about what I know and my ability as a software/web developer.

How to get started?



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Wil (₩) Moore III

Wil (₩) Moore III

Technical Writer, Software Engineer Specializing in NodeJS, TypeScript, React & React Native, SQL, DevOps, AWS, Azure, & ElasticSearch. Author of selectn.js.